Terms & Conditions


The Supplier is an importer of fabrics and makes no representation or warranty, express or implied concerning the quality and suitability of any goods supplied by the 

Captivate shall not be liable to the Customer for any stretching, shrinking or loss of colour in any fabric supplied or any other error, omission, or negligent act, and any damages or loss of profits howsoever arising.


Captivate shall not be responsible or liable in any way to the Customer for delays or defaults in delivery of an order in any part or for any direct or consequential loss or damage arising therefrom.

All delivery expenses of goods supplied are at the customers costs.


The Customer shall not be entitled to return/cancel goods supplied by the Supplier except in the event that it has obtained the written agreement of the Supplier to do so.

In The event that the Supplier gives its agreement it shall be a term of the agreement the Customer will pay all reasonable costs charged by the Supplier including freight costs and a surcharge of 30% of the invoices for the goods.